EcoWater of Southern California
EcoWater is committed to water, energy and environmental responsibility. Because we design and manufacture 95% of our products and components, we can ensure both quality and sustainability from materials through to installation in your home or business.
  • EcoWater Systems is the only water treatment manufacturer that purchases carbon offsets through the sale of each product, and is certified to have a carbon neutral footprint.
  • EcoWater water softeners use fewer than 17.5 kilowatt hours of energy per year. That equates to less than $3.00 per year to operate your EcoWater water softener
  • We offer HydroLink® technology in our water conditioners and refiners, which monitors your family’s water consumption, creating awareness of water usage.
  • We are a local family owned and operated company,
  • We provide World class Sales,Service and Support for all of your residential or commercial water needs.